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Change Data Execution Prevention settings

Posted by: Stefan on: [ 0 comment(s) ]

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that helps prevent damage from viruses and other security threats by monitoring your programs to make sure they use system memory safely.


The easiest way to display separate worksheets in Excel

Posted by: admin on: [ 0 comment(s) ]

For some bizarre reason, after more than 20 years of existence, Microsoft Excel doesn't allow you to open two workbooks in separate windows.


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Email Account Disk Usage Incorrect

Posted by: Stefan on: 10/03/2012 02:22 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

When a mailbox get corrupt when changes the quota, here is the steps to fix it.

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Command line NTFS compression

Posted by: Stefan on: 09/15/2012 11:13 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Some people must have wanted to know whether there was a way to compress files and directories (in the sense of NTFS compression) from a script or from the command line. They've known about the Properties dialog, but they wanted something that could be scripted. The command-line tool for this is COMPACT.EXE. Type compact /? for usage information.

Compact is a native Windows NT command that displays or alters the compression state of files and directories.

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Change Data Execution Prevention settings

Posted by: Stefan on: 05/10/2012 12:56 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is a security feature that helps prevent damage from viruses and other security threats by monitoring your programs to make sure they use system memory safely.

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When you type www.file-portal.net into the Windows XP Run dialog, you receive 'This file does not have a program associated with it...'?

Posted by: Stefan on: 05/07/2012 10:29 AM [ 0 comment(s) ]

When you try to access the Internet by typing a URL into the Run dialog, you receive:

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control panel.

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How to Open the Windows Vista Command Prompt within a Specific Folder

Posted by: Stefan on: 05/04/2012 02:12 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Advanced Vista users have long been frustrated by the hassle of Vista's enormous pathnames at the command prompt. You can get around that problem by opening a command prompt within a specific folder in Windows Vista.

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How to Enable Aero Peek (Desktop Preview) in Windows 7

Posted by: Stefan on: 04/22/2012 12:52 AM [ 0 comment(s) ]

This article explains how to enable Aero Peek (desktop preview) in Windows 7

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How to Enable WebDAV authentication (WebDisk) in Vista

Posted by: admin on: 01/25/2012 10:11 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

There was a problem connecting to the Web Disk service. Please make sure ports 2078 (SSL) and 2077 are not firewalled.


 This is a very frequent error.

WebDAV is an extension of Hypertext Transfer Protocol   (HTTP), and includes the use of Basic authentication. Basic authentication is   one form of user authentication where a user is identified to the server. When   the server is configured to use Basic authentication, the client computer   transmits the users' credentials to the server. If the channel is not   encrypted, such as in typical HTTP traffic, a malicious user on another   computer on the network can possibly intercept the user name and password of   that user. Since a user's credentials can be possibly compromised if they are sent in clear text, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2 include functionality that permits you to control the use of Basic authentication by the DAV redirector. The DAV redirector prior to Windows Vista does not support encrypted HTTP, such as HTTPS or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) resulting in the transmission of the users' credentials without encryption if the server supports Basic authentication. Beginning with Windows Vista the DAV redirector supports SSL and by default disables the use of Basic authentication without SSL enabled. By default, Basic   authentication is disabled in Windows Vista and in  Windows XP SP2. When Basic authentication is   disabled, either the client computer uses a different authentication method (if   the server supports a different authentication method), or the request fails.   For more information about Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, visit the   following Microsoft Web site:


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How to create a network of Wordpress blogs

Posted by: admin on: 01/24/2012 01:12 AM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Since Version 3.0, WordPress includes new multisite features, meaning that it can run many blogs, even with their own separate domains, on one WordPress installation. This tutorial explains how to migrate multiple WordPress installations into one new WordPress multisite. You can migrate sites that are using their own domain, as well as sites using a subdomain on your main domain.

This tutorial assumes that you are hosting WordPress on a site using cPanel. If you are using something else to configure your server, you will have to adapt these instructions.

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The easiest way to display separate worksheets in Excel

Posted by: admin on: 01/14/2012 06:52 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

For some bizarre reason, after more than 20 years of existence, Microsoft Excel doesn't allow you to open two workbooks in separate windows.

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Enable High Quality Video in Skype Regardless of Webcam

Posted by: admin on: 01/13/2012 09:51 PM [ 2 comment(s) ]

This article will teach you how to enable high quality video in Skype.

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Disable Zip Folders in Windows 7, Vista or XP

Posted by: admin on: 01/13/2012 08:39 PM [ 2 comment(s) ]

Zip Folders (or Compressed Folders) is a feature in Windows Explorer that makes ZIP archives act like folders for easy retrieval of contents. However, this behavior is rather annoying for many, including me, so one of the first things I do upon a fresh install of Windows is to disable the zip folders functionality.

Let’s take a look at how to disable and also re-enable zip folders in Windows 7, Vista, and XP. In XP, all it takes is a quick command line statement. Vista and 7 require editing the registry, although additional protections make it more of a hassle in Windows 7.

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Install OS X Snow Leopard in VMware Windows 7

Posted by: admin on: 01/08/2012 11:17 PM [ 1 comment(s) ]

The following step by step guide will help you in installing Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard as a guest virtual machine in Windows 7. You’ll need to have a system with an Intel processor which supports hardware virtualization, original OS X Snow Leopard retail disk, VMware Workstation 7 and Windows 7, Vista or XP installed as host operating system. If you meet all these requirements, you can then install OS X Snow Leopard as a VM under Windows and can enjoy the best of both worlds.



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How To Fix “BOOTMGR is missing” Error in Vista and Windows 7

Posted by: Administrator on: 01/08/2012 10:30 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Fixing the "BOOTMGR is missing" error isn't too hard; here's how.

The day before yesterday I was testing out a program with several system utilities built in. One of its components left my computer in a bit of a mess – no icons anywhere and other assorted woes. I had set a system restore point before I ran the program, so I thought I’d do a system restore. System restore gave me a message that it couldn’t restore my files. I decided to restore a disc image I had made a short while back. When I booted up the computer I got a message: BOOTMGR is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart I stared at it the white letters on the black background for a few minutes, while the cursor blinked back at me. After some searching (on another computer) I had some solutions. Barring any hardware errors, here’s how to fix that error:

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How to Make Yahoo Messenger Use Firefox as Default Browser in Vista

Posted by: Administrator on: 01/07/2012 03:00 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Yahoo Messenger usually uses Internet Explorer as a browser, even though you may be using a different browser.

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How to Cancel A Print Job In Windows

Posted by: Administrator on: 01/06/2012 10:39 PM [ 4 comment(s) ]


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How to Clear Print Jobs in Windows

Posted by: Administrator on: 01/03/2012 08:56 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Are you experiencing problems with your printing queue? Perhaps you’ve got a whole bunch of print jobs in the spooler (printing queue) and a single print job has gone bad, freezing the entire queue. Or maybe you just want to know, for future reference, how you can cancel any print job that you’ve started?

Add “God Mode” in context menu in Windows Vista / Windows 7

Posted by: admin on: 12/28/2011 02:16 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Get quick access to Windows Vista/7 configuration options

An A to Z Index of the Windows command line

Posted by: admin on: 12/26/2011 02:26 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

An alphabetical index of the Windows command line

NTFS Symlinks and other special features

Posted by: admin on: 11/15/2011 09:30 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

symbolic links

Vista gadgets and locations

Posted by: admin on: 10/22/2011 07:16 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Vista gadgets and locations

Must have software for Windows

Posted by: admin on: 06/11/2011 07:16 PM [ 0 comment(s) ]

Every now and then we need to reinstall Windows, and let's face it, while it may include some applications, there are a lot of gems out there that improve your experience of working on the computer.

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