How to Enable WebDAV authentication (WebDisk) in Vista

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There was a problem connecting to the Web Disk service. Please make sure ports 2078 (SSL) and 2077 are not firewalled.


 This is a very frequent error.

WebDAV is an extension of Hypertext Transfer Protocol   (HTTP), and includes the use of Basic authentication. Basic authentication is   one form of user authentication where a user is identified to the server. When   the server is configured to use Basic authentication, the client computer   transmits the users' credentials to the server. If the channel is not   encrypted, such as in typical HTTP traffic, a malicious user on another   computer on the network can possibly intercept the user name and password of   that user. Since a user's credentials can be possibly compromised if they are sent in clear text, Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2 include functionality that permits you to control the use of Basic authentication by the DAV redirector. The DAV redirector prior to Windows Vista does not support encrypted HTTP, such as HTTPS or Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) resulting in the transmission of the users' credentials without encryption if the server supports Basic authentication. Beginning with Windows Vista the DAV redirector supports SSL and by default disables the use of Basic authentication without SSL enabled. By default, Basic   authentication is disabled in Windows Vista and in  Windows XP SP2. When Basic authentication is   disabled, either the client computer uses a different authentication method (if   the server supports a different authentication method), or the request fails.   For more information about Windows SharePoint Services 3.0, visit the   following Microsoft Web site:


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